Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Last Detective: Complete Collection

In a TV age when we are continually exposed to the grittiness of shows like The Shield and Criminal Minds, a series like The Last Detective is quite an antidote to the seemingly never-ending bleakness of cop procedurals. Based on a series of books by writer Leslie Thomas, the show follows the cases of Detective Constable Dangerous Davies, played by Peter Davison of Doctor Who and All Creatures Great and Small fame. “Dangerous” is an ironic nickname for the guy, as he’s anything but. It almost seems to be a joke on the viewer as well, since over the course of four seasons and 17 installments, we never actually learn his real name. (Is it somehow possible that his first name is Dangerous?) Dangerous is the kind of underdog that you can’t help but root for. He is the butt of many a joke from his colleagues, his superior hates him, and he routinely gets shit on by life. And yet he’s an immensely likable guy – a regular Joe completely unlike most of the cops seen on TV. I dare say that maybe he’s even Britain’s version of Columbo.

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