Monday, March 27, 2006

"Evil" Longoria? I think not...

A recent Allure magazine interview with Eva Longoria resulted in an insane amount of negative publicity for the actress. Funny thing is, anyone who actually read the piece would know that much hay was made out of nothing and that the context of it all was changed thanks to the AP. (I have read the Allure article and lived to comment on it.)

Last week, Jeanne interviewed Longoria and gave her the opportunity to comment on everything that's been spread throughout the media in regards to the Allure article (click on this text to read the interview).

I've never met Longoria, but near as I can tell she's a decent lady who's making good use of her 15 minutes and trying to have some fun along the way. What struck me as noteworthy about Jeanne's interview was Eva's assertion that she frankly doesn't care what's printed in any other rag - but when it comes to the city in which she's chosen to reside, she's sensitive to what is said (the E-N reprinted some of the AP nonsense). It's not just the E-N either, I rarely hear anybody say anything nice about her, and near as I can tell, these opinions are always based on gossip and hearsay. I've read a fair amount of the hate mail JJ receives about Eva, and much of it's really ugly. (I will grant that people are more likely to write in with criticism than compliments.)

I'd like someone to explain to me the root of San Antonio's apparent dislike for this woman. Is it because she dates Tony Parker? Is it because she's a latina who's comfortable and aggressive with her sexuality? Is it because people in this town mistakenly believe that she plays herself on TV as opposed to a character?

Don't hate her because she's beautiful folks. I feel for the lady, because were I in her position, god knows what kind of inflammatory bullshit I'd spout that the locals would absolutely abhor. I'd be like Frankenstein's monster with the mob of angry, torch-wielding villagers chasing me to the top of the hill. (Good thing we're short on windmills in these parts.)

San Antonio often times appears to have some very backwards notions when it comes to celebrity. We revel in the fact that the Spurs are "golden boys", but it's realistically only a matter of time until one of them slips up and makes a mistake and the city's going to go apeshit as if it's some kind of crime to be human. Eva Longoria puts forth some very human opinions time and again in the media, and people want to string her up for it, which is unfortunate and shallow. For a city that purports to be this downhome, welcoming, tolerant metropolis, the locals seem to be awfully judgmental when it comes to how other people choose to live their lives. What the city should do is stand behind the people who put us on the map, through thick and thin. If Eva Longoria commits some kind of triple homocide, I won't hold people to that standard, but if she talks about a Brazilian wax in an interview, geez, cut the dame some slack, fer chrissakes.

And then everybody scratches their heads, wondering why the rest of the country views us as a bunch of stupid redneck yokels.

I can understand not liking Desperate Housewives, but that shouldn't equate to disliking Eva Longoria. (I'm not a huge McDonalds fan, but I don't hold it against the girl working behind the counter.) I watch the show weekly because JJ watches it. It's by no means great TV, however, it does a decent job of entertaining for an hour. Like almost every other soap opera ever created, it works on a level of instant gratification. Once you've seen it, no amount of rewatching will provide new insight. It's the kind of show I can easily view every week and enjoy, and yet I'd never sit through the DVD box set for a second helping; in many ways Desperate Housewives ~is~ the McDonalds of TV shows.

Call me silly, but I think it's kinda cool that this woman has chosen to live in S.A. You gotta look at these things with some perspective - I mean, someone like this could take up residence here.