Thursday, February 23, 2006


If you haven't already noticed, the planet has gone blog-crazy, and in setting up my own, I feel like such a follower. But given that I actually have the ability to string words together to form coherent sentences (which, if you've spent enough time on the 'net, you know is a rare commodity), it seems like something I ought to give a shot at trying.

One thing you'll always be able to count on from The Rued Morgue is a total lack of any sort of serious political discussion. I'm a politidiot; I know nothing and claim to know even less.

What I DO know: Movies, TV, and some Music. Wow, right? I'm really revolutionizing cyberspace here. (But do bookmark this blog because I may decide to post some porn links.)

Perhaps most noteworthy is that I really, genuinely like people - that is, when I'm not busy tearing my hair out over their murky motivations, thoughtless thinking and absurd actions.

People kinda-sorta rock and I'm continually amazed by this thing called the human race. The unpredicability of "What's gonna happen next?" is very likely what keeps me going from day to day.

If there's one thing I admire about myself it's the ability to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, knowing (hoping?) that while we're intrinsically self-centered creatures, we'll more often than not do the right thing in a given sticky situation. It's a two-sided coin to be sure - I also believe we're basically dumb beasts that haven't made much social progress since we moved out of the caves. It seems as if mankind genuinely wants to make a better world for itself, but is constantly being kicked down by old habits and apathy.

Even moreso than politics, I can guaran-goddamn-tee you won't see any talk of professional sports, unless it is to deride and mock them. Football - and America's obsession with it - is concrete proof of the "dumb beasts" comment above.

Yet digital watches and boom boxes are things of the past - sure signs of progress, not to mention indications of style and class. Most people recognize that wrestling is fake; I'm old enough to recall when it was viewed as reality (or maybe I was just naive?). "xXx: State of the Union" made no money at the box office. Everywhere you look there exist positive signals that humans are methodically sharpening their minds.

Of course we created the cell phone and that knocked us back down a couple pegs. Nobody needs to be reachable all the time, as nothing is that important. Do me a favor and turn your fucking phone off when you go to the movies. That message they play before the film starts means everyone - yes, even you. If you don't want to do this, then stay home and watch a DVD.

One more movie-going tip: don't take your three-year old to the latest R-rated flick because you're too cheap to hire a babysitter, and yet you must see the new Eli Roth fiasco. There are no positives in that situation and when said child is of thinking age, they'll vividly recall the images of violent sex and sexual violence to which you exposed them when they really should have been watching "Sesame Street" reruns. You've presumably responsibly procreated, now please responsibly recreate as well.

DISCLAIMER: Any and all theories and/or advice espoused here do not, of course, apply to me.