Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bad Wolf (Part One)

One aspect of the first season of Doctor Who the Morgue has avoided discussing is the Bad Wolf. Now seems an appropriate time to bring it up, as this week’s episode is entitled “Bad Wolf”. Since “The End of the World”, the phrase “Bad Wolf” has been worked into each story in some way, shape or form. Some have beaten you over the head (“The Unquiet Dead”) while others were barely noticeable (“The Doctor Dances”). Upon the transmission of the first season in the UK, it drove fans batty for 13 weeks. The theories were endless.

One of the more stimulating postulated the Doctor wasn’t the Doctor at all; that he was an imposter using the Doctor’s identity and place in the universe to his own benefit – a bad wolf in sheep’s clothing. The true Doctor would return in the season finale to banish the false Doctor. This idea probably arose from the fact that Chris Eccleston’s impending departure was leaked early on in the season. High concept to be sure - there was a big part of me that wanted this to be true on some level as it would have been such a mind screw.

Here is a list of the Bad Wolves thus far...

1) Ep. 2: "The End of the World":
The Moxx of Balhoon tells the Face of Boe that being trapped on the exploding Platform One is "the classic Bad Wolf scenario..."

2) Ep. 3: "The Unquiet Dead" :
Gwyneth the parlour maid looks into Rose's mind and sees "The Big Bad Wolf".

3) Eps. 4/5: "Aliens of London/World War III":
A child graffiti's "Bad Wolf" onto the side of the TARDIS.

4) Ep. 6: "Dalek":
Eccentric billionaire Henry van Statten’s helicopter has the security call sign "Bad Wolf One".

5) Ep. 7: "The Long Game":
In the year 200,000 there's a TV channel called BadwolfTV.

6) Ep. 8: "Father's Day":
"Bad Wolf" is scrawled across a 1980s club poster.

7) Eps. 9/10: "The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances":
The missile about to land on the Chula spaceship has "Schlechter Wolf" (which roughly translates to Bad Wolf in German) written on it.

8) Ep. 11: "Boom Town":
The nuclear power station about to destroy Cardiff is called "Blaidd Drwg"...a Welsh translation of the phrase.

In “Boomtown”, the Doctor finally picked up on it. Upon seeing the name “The Blaidd Drwg Project” (which, incidentally, would be a fantastic name for a Welsh band…especially if Alan Parsons engineered their albums), something snapped. He processed the info, appeared boggled, and then promptly moved on to the Slitheen business at hand.

As this is the Internets, the solution is out there and you can find it without too much trouble - although the Morgue highly recommends you not do that. Discover the mystery of the Bad Wolf with the rest of the Sci Fi viewing audience.

(To be continued...)