Sunday, June 11, 2006

Post-Parting Depression?

These two vids might help!

The Doctor Who Children in Need Special was created and broadcast for charity last November. It's highly unlikely it'll ever be broadcast on Sci Fi [1] (however I imagine it'll make its way onto the eventual Season 2 DVD box set).

Basically it's a 7 minute bridge sequence - set soley in the TARDIS - that connects "The Parting of the Ways" and "The Christmas Invasion". It's a noteworthy piece as it's somewhat imperative to the storyline: The two stories don't dramatically connect without it, especially in regard to the Doctor's behavior from one to the other, not to mention that when TCI begins, Barcelona is no longer in the cards. All of this is explained in the special.

It's here on YouTube - check it out. Might be gone tomorrow.

And here's a funny little sketch from the Brit show Dead Ringers, which explains the truth behind Christopher Eccleston's decision to leave Doctor Who:

Now I'm taking some time off from the Morgue - no new articles for this week. Take care, folks!

[1] It does seem to me, however, that an edit of the CIN Special (7 min.) and "The Christmas Invasion" (60 min.) together could be made that would snugly fit into a 90 min. Sci Fi programming block. As is, the 60-minute X-mas special is going to be an awkward fit for them.