Thursday, July 27, 2006

Rue Morgue Magazine

Here's an entry I've been meaning to do for a while now, but just simply haven't.

Some time ago, somewhere (either on this blog or his) that little round-headed boy pointed out that he saw a magazine with the same name as this blog. He wasn't doing it to be snooty or obnoxious or any such thing - it was just very matter-of-fact. I replied "Yes! It was that mag that inspired the name, only it was Rue not Rued". But afterwards I too wondered why, in the back of my head, it seemed even to me that perhaps it was Rued - although I knew it wasn't.

"Go forth and Google", a little round-headed voice told me. Hopefully you can see from their logo how A) I was inspired to rename the blog & 2) round-headed boy got it wrong...and it must be mentioned that I've never accused Chuck of being "wrong" about anything.

On both counts, the crescent moon between the two words looks very much like a "D". (I would like to point out the absence of a "The" in their name.) Oh how I'd love to credit - as Humbert Humbert referred to him - "the divine Edgar", but it pathetically took a trip to a chain book store rather than a simple browsing of my bookshelf.

It was certainly not my intention then or now to infringe on or take advantage of the magazine's popularity. I readily admit that seeing the cover at Borders is what inspired the name "The Rued Morgue". But I mean come last name is Ruediger and I dress in black like 95% of the time. I write about weird stuff; sometimes horror flicks, but certainly they're not a fixation of mine. My lord - the one movie I've thus far made is Ravenswan! "The Rued Morgue" is an ideal title for a blog belonging to me (and on numerous levels, too).

I've never owned an issue of the magazine, but there's nothing that leads me to believe it's anything less than a high quality, respectable publication which covers the horror genre in an in-depth and informative manner (certainly moreso than this ragtag operation can offer). I urge you to subscribe to and/or find out more about them by clicking on the Rue Morgue website right here.

I haven't subscribed to or purchased any magazine on a regular basis for years now. I used to buy Starlog as a kid and still check it out occasionally for Joe Nazzaro's articles. Entertainment Weekly can be a hoot depending on how much I've had to drink. Film Threat used to rock, but I haven't read it in ages. Maxim is great fun! It nearly broke my heart to sell over ten years worth of Doctor Who Magazine on eBay for just a little over a hundred bucks...but what the hell was I going to do with them?

Obviously the whole point of this entry was to "disclaim". If you, websurfer, end up on this blog, you've reached a place that's got nothing to do with Rue Morgue magazine (although I think I'm within my rights to point out that at the time of writing, the subscription rate is substantially less).

Of course, in creating this entry I've in turn created a Catch-22 by writing words that will lead even more web searches in this direction - searches that are entirely wrong and unjustified. If a Rue Morgue editor ends up here, I wrote and directed a bizarre Poe-inspired, drug-addled revenge-love story of a film that would adore your coverage[1] (and please don't ask me to change the blog's name as my last name is Ruediger, and well, heck - do I hafta explain it any further?).

Currently feeling a bit damned if I do and damned if I don't.

[1] If you've no interest in my flick, I'd love to freelance for your rockin' mag. We can even cRoss promote!