Thursday, June 07, 2007

Orbital - Doctor ? (Live at Glastonbury '04)

Oh the heavy, uncomfortable silence of not having posted in over a week...

The shame of again failing to entertain both of you who are so dedicated to reading the Rued Ramblings[TM]...

Must break the ice at this party.

I therefore recommend Orbital, so that we may forget our petty they are rocking an undoubtedly drugged-out audience with a groovy spin on some classic sci-fi.

After that let's hang out under the Little Fluffy Clouds. The Orb are all but forgotten...yet their mark was indelible.

And when was the last time you inhaled from The Tubes?

Last but not least - and not by even remotely popular demand - Kate Bush doing Wuthering Heights Live at Hammersmith. Eat your heart out Madonna. (I suspect the audience is relatively sober...but I could be wrong.)