Sunday, May 01, 2011

Doctor Who Recaps for Season Six

Hey readers -

If you've come here looking for recaps (or links to recaps) of Season Six of Doctor Who, I'm afraid to say that I won't be doing them regularly this season. Really, after writing up nearly every episode since the show first (re)started back in 2005, I need a good long break from doing it. If you've ever tried to recap a series on and on, year after year, it becomes a drag after a while, and takes a big part of the fun out of the show for the person doing the writing.

However, I will very likely do a lengthy piece for Bullz-Eye after the mid season break, in which I'll ramble on and on about what I thought of the season so far. There will, of course, be a link to the piece here at the Rued Morgue, so please check in around that time.

Thanks for your interest!