Monday, March 06, 2006

Bonobos Gone Wild!

Can you imagine having this little guy for dinner?

They say you learn something new every day. I don't know if that's always the case, but last night I did learn some new stuff about a type of chimpanzee called the Bonobo, thanks to this article at , and how they may be facing extinction due to the fact that they taste good. After reading more about them, I couldn't help but think of this practice as cannibalism.

What struck me as most fascinating about these creatures is their social and sexual behavior, which appears to be just so damn human, minus all the jealousy and cheating. To the Bonobo, make-up sex is the only way to resolve an argument. Due to the placement of the female genitalia, they are also apparently one of the few primates aside from humans able to have sex in the missionary position. Not only that, but Bonobos have sex frequently most every day, and since the female can only give birth about once every five years, it's basically something they do for pleasure! And women - pay attention - in the culture of the Bonobo, the female reigns supreme. These cats are a fantastic argument for evolution.

The possibility of their extinction is a very sad development, and I've gone blissfully unaware through my entire life about the existence of the Bonobos. Apparently the San Diego Zoo has bred and maintained them for over 40 years, which makes me want to take a trip to San Diego.

In addition to the links I provided above, do a Google search on the Bonobos and you might just learn something. (Why do I feel like Bill Cosby all of a sudden?)