Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Diary of a Mad Black Sheep

So unless you were paying close attention between around 9:55 and 10:15 (CST) or so last night, you probably didn’t know the Morgue received its first anonymous troll!

Being the fragile creature that I am, this upset me, not the least reason being due to the various conversations that we’ve had around here in the past couple days.

I’m still allowing the ability for people to post anonymously, because I’m not letting one asshole spoil it for others who may not want to log in or have a Blogger account or the host of other reasons a person may have to post without showing identity. If it becomes a bigger problem, who knows?

The site had an unusually high amount of traffic last night, due mostly to the fact that I sent out e-mails to about a hundred different people as well as posted on a couple different boards that the site’s name and URL had changed.

Why this would motivate someone to be a dick, I do not know. But this ties in nicely to the ‘net anonymity discussion found in the Naughty America talkback. If you’ve got something nasty to say, feel free to say it, but post it to the board in such a way that there can be discourse on the subject, without hiding behind a thin veil of weaseliness. (I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve made my fair share of inflammatory statements on various message boards and the like, but you can bet everyone always knew exactly who was saying it.)

Or e-mail me and chew me out (I’d prefer that actually). But don’t prank on everyone else’s good time just because you’re not very good at constructing a sentence and have to resort to using words like “faggot”. Wow. How original. USENET beckons you – I urge you to check it out.

Or better yet, set up your own blog, and tell me about it so I can come by and heckle you and your readers. At least then we’ll be on the same playing field.

Many years ago my friend John Navarro told me he enjoyed hanging around me because controversy seemed to follow everywhere I went. Just like this blog, the more things change, eh?

Anyway, back to bizness...


I'd like to point people in the direction of this review for 9 to 5: The Sexist, Egotistical, Lying, Hypocritical Bigot Edition which just came out on DVD.

Oddly, the one thing the review doesn't seem to mention is what I consider the disc's major selling point: A commentary track featuring Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda and Dolly Parton. It's unfortunate they didn't nab Dabney Coleman for the madness, as he's the cherry on the cake of the film's casting coup, and especially given the subtitle of the edition, it seems a huge shame to not include Franklin Hart himself. It matters not - the chance to hear those three women talk about this film has gotta be worth the disc's price of admission alone.

9 to 5 is one of my very favorite '80s comedies and it’s co-written and directed by the criminally non-prolific Colin Higgins, who was also responsible for writing one of the greatest flicks of all time, Harold and Maude, as well as Foul Play and Silver Streak.

The film holds up pretty well, especially given that it's 25(!) years old, moving along from one great gag to another...and then just when you think it can't get any better, Sterling Fucking Hayden shows up as the Chairman of the Board. Beautiful.


One last tidbit. Here's a little something sent to me by my good friend Mike Brown (not the FEMA dude) that you bloggers may get a kick out of:

From Wired Magazine, mr. know-it-all, by Clive Thompson, Jan 06.

Q: A friend of mine is on my blog roll, but his blog has become really lame. How do I drop him from my list without pissing him off?

A: Very, very carefully. A blog roll is a public declaration of affinity; to axe someone is the ultimate digital diss. So the trick, says Jason DeFillippo, founder of BlogRolling.com, is to take down your entire blog roll. Then, slowly repopulate it over the next few days, making it look like you're starting from scratch and rethinking the whole thing. Put in a bunch of new sites to help preserve this illusion. It'll be less obvious that you've removed only your pal's sucky site.