Friday, April 21, 2006

Faint Praise

Allow me to share for a moment.

Something happened to me yesterday, and it's now the second time in about as many years this has occurred.

I blacked out. Or passed out. "Fainted" possibly?

On both occasions (and as I said, the last time was maybe two years ago), it happened exactly the same way.

I was, um, how shall I say it?..."Relieving myself" in the #1 sense of the term. (Sorry to be so upfront, but it's important to the story.)

And then everything started caving in around me, like I was travelling through space or falling backwards into a hole. I woke up, within likely 30 seconds, in the bathtub, very much unaware of precisely what occurred until I was able to logically assess the situation. See, our bathroom is pretty small, and there are really only two places for a person to end up in such a predicament: either on the floor, if one were to fall sideways or in the bathtub if one (such as me, on both occasions) falls backwards.

I wasn't drunk or even drinking or intoxicated in any other fashion. The humidity in the city was pretty intense yesterday, and I don't do well with humidity. I don't recall the external specifics of the last time it happened, so now I'm taking notes.

After yesterday's incident, I just went into the bedroom and laid down and slept for a few hours. Felt pretty decent by the time I awoke and that was about it. I'm still amazed I didn't hurt my head on the plaster soapdish that's a part of the bathtub wall.

Anyway, I just thought I'd toss it out there and see what people have to say, if anything. Thanks for entering the Morgue and reading these ghoulish tales.