Tuesday, December 05, 2006

David Tennant named "Best Doctor"

Um, yeah...what the title says. To read the finer points of the matter, click here.

Now granted, this poll was conducted by Doctor Who Magazine, which is hardly an accurate cross-section of the viewing public. In fact, I swear I recall a similar poll conducted by DWM in the past where Sylvester McCoy, during his tenure, nabbed the #1 spot. (The article claims Tom Baker has always ranked #1.) To wit: the current Doctor likely has a better chance of scoring big than one from the past. UPDATED! A-ha!! The old memory ain't so foggy after all -- the story above has been updated since I linked to it to reflect McCoy's 1990 win. I rule!!

Yet the fact that Chris Eccleston comes in at #3, with only 11% of the vote compared to Tennant's 28%, is high praise for Tennant indeed. It's nice to see that you can't keep a good Doc down with Tom Baker trailing less than 2% behind Tennant. So over half the people polled chose either Tennant or Baker as their fave.

In other Who-related news, this year's Christmas special, "The Runaway Bride", will screen on BBC1 on Christmas Day at 7 PM and a week later on New Year's Day, Who's second spin-off series, The Sarah Jane Adventures, premieres on BBC1 at 4:50 PM. Apparently this one's the opposite of Torchwood, and will very much be geared toward kids (it seems even moreso than its parent series.)

Lastly, the official BBC Doctor Who website counts down the days 'til "Bride" by offering up some new goodie each day. Hammer around on the honeycomb looking graphic - at the time of writing they're up to #5, which is a snazzy set of downloadable "Runaway Bride"-themed Christmas cards.