Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rued Recommendations

Drop into Scanners and check out Jim Emerson's outstanding piece entitled "The Death of Film Criticism has been Greatly Exaggerated (Part One)". It's not only thought-provoking, but wittier than a sack of hungry ferrets. Assuming Part One feeds yer gerbil, go ahead and ingest "Nobody Knows Criticism (Part Two)".

Matt Zoller Seitz wants people to know about his indie film Home, which is now available on DVD. Come to think of it - having seen the film myself - so do I, which is why I'm posting the link.

Many are anticipating the release of Brian DePalma's The Black Dahlia, and Dennis Cozzalio's amassing some DePalma love over at Sergio Leone, including a piece on Mission to Mars by That Little Round-Headed Boy. DePalma's never been a big favorite of mine, but the older I get and the more opinions I read, the more I fear I'm just simply wrong.

The mighty Rick Reynolds has upped the Happiness ante by vowing to post weekly video podcasts every Monday in lieu of wordy words. Yay for the YouTube generation! The first two episodes, Bubzac & Meditate on This, can be downloaded directly onto your harddrive, viewed on YouTube, or subscribed to via iTunes (Rick really wants to make this easy for you). All options prove you can indeed get something for nothing in this life. Pertinent info is provided at The Church of Rick (currently masquerading as The Happiness Project).

Check out Jeanne's review of The Ron Clark Story, starring Matthew Perry, which recently played on TNT. It gets another play this Saturday at 11 PM (CST). Between Perry's performance in this flick and his upcoming regular role on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, I gotta give credit due when it's due: this guy - whom I used to loathe - has reinvented himself into someone I actually enjoy watching.

And for those of you who just want to look at pictures, check out the latest from my good friend Koda.