Friday, August 18, 2006

Steel Yourself

Hot on the heels of Walter Becker & Donald Fagen's open letter to Luke Wilson, which was actually all about his brother Owen, comes a brand new open letter from those wacky Steely Dan guys.

This time around those zany nutjobs are appealing to writer/director Wes Anderson. They seem to think they can assist him in moving to a higher creative plane.

It's interesting to see Becker & Fagen so openly embracing the Internets, and using all both of them to speak to the world. These letters are pretty entertaining, and they clearly put much thought into them. Other than that, I'm rather perplexed by all of this. Maybe someone who is a bigger Steely Dan fan than I (I've got three or four of their CDs - Aja was always my favorite), can explain to me what all of this is about.

Personally, I'd like to see an open letter from Steely Dan to Mel Gibson, but maybe that's asking too much. Even better, the Dan need to start doing this regularly. They're one of those bands who, over the years, have proven that they've still "got it", so maybe they've earned the artistic right to say whatever the hell they wanna say.