Thursday, September 07, 2006


The above imagery greeted me in my e-mail box, courtesy of our good friends at Borders. If you too are on the Borders mailing list, surely you got the same thing. 9/11 is commemorated on the Borders weekly "Shortlist". Niiiiiiice...and in comic book--ahem, sorry..."graphic novel" form, no less: The 9/11 Report - A Graphic Adaptation.

According to the Boredoms listing:

Using every skill and storytelling method Jacobson and Colón have learned over the decades, they have produced the most accessible [easy to read and lots of colorful] pictures version of the 9/11 Report. Jacobson's text frequently [i.e. only sometimes] follows word for word the original report, faithfully captures its investigative thoroughness [in cartoon fashion], and covers its entire scope [as only panels can deliver], even including the Commission's final report card [which was a C- by the way]. Colón's stunning artwork powerfully conveys the facts, insights, and urgency of the original [keep an eye out for Waldo]. Published on the fifth anniversary [for maximum effect] of the terrorist attacks on the United States, an event that has left no aspect of American foreign or domestic policy untouched [by manipulative hands], The 9/11 Report puts at every American's fingertips [wash hands before reading!] the most defining event of the century [the season finale of American Idol aside].

Oh man...I know I'm being brutal here, but when you put yourself out there (much like I'm doing right now)...

About the Author: Sid Jacobson was the managing editor and editor in chief for Harvey Comics, where he created Richie Rich, and executive editor at Marvel Comics.

The artist, Ernie Colón, has worked at Harvey, Marvel, and DC Comics. At DC, he oversaw the production of Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Blackhawk, and the Flash; at Marvel, Spider-Man.

So let me get this straight - 9/11 is being brought to me by the guys who gave depth to Richie Rich and Diana Prince?

What might Borders offer (at a discount) next week I wonder? Perhaps a Desert Storm Little Golden Book? Or maybe a JonBenet Ramsey Colorforms Gift Set? How about a Lynndie England Choose Your Own Adventure novel?

If you got the same e-mail as I, then you also know the comic book wasn't the only 9/11-related merchandise Borders was pimping...

...but I don't have the energy to give them further publicity.

Speaking of benchmarks...according to Blogger this was the Morgue's 100th entry. Thanks muchos for hanging in there, despite entries like this one.

Update! Read the apology for this piece by clicking here.