Friday, September 01, 2006

Coming Soon - Little Children

Even if my friend Jackie wasn't one of the stars of the upcoming Todd Field film Little Children, I'm pretty sure I'd still be excited about it; the fact that he is makes the anticipation twice as nice. Field directed the superb In the Bedroom a few years back and Kubrick-heads will remember his turn in Eyes Wide Shut as Nick Nightingale (whom I believe is now back home banging Mrs. Nick).

What I presume to be the teaser trailer is here on YouTube, or you can check it out here on the movie's official site. The site is a weirdly haunting and yet simplistic experience. It's refreshing to wade through a film site without battling pop-ups and the loads of other crap with which studios tend to burden these sorts of advertisements. Both the site and trailer tell nothing about the movie...and yet they also seem to say plenty.

Lastly, and the item that spurred this quick entry, is this review from David Poland. Can the movie be this good? Please tell me it can and will be.