Saturday, April 14, 2007

Barry Nelson

It would be hollow for me to not mention the passing of Barry Nelson, the first actor to play James Bond onscreen, given the "007 in '007" series I'm doing.

But it'd be equally shitty to pretend it's a big deal to me.

Some guy -- years ago -- gave me a crappy VHS copy of Nelson's Casino Royale that I got less than 10 minutes into before shutting off. The quality sucked. What else can I say?

Other than I'll hunt for it later today, and see if I've still got it. If so, I'll check it out from beginning to end and report back.

Maybe I'm a shithead, but you -- like 99.9% of everyone else -- consider Sean Connery the first James Bond. It's a cruel world out there...and I bet Barry Nelson figured that out a long time ago.

R.I.P., Barry. You were in The Shining....let's not split hairs.