Monday, April 16, 2007

Thoughts on a Dark Day

One of the tenets of The Rued Manifesto: "My faith is the belief that humanity far more often than not will do the right thing". Days like today put that faith to the test. It's also days like this that make me wince at the name of this blog. All of a sudden the gag doesn't seem so funny, so bear with me until we hit a brighter day.

The details of exactly what happened at VirginiaTech --or rather why it happened-- are still pretty sketchy. But whatever the shooter's reasoning may have been, it'll sound insane regardless of any eventual explanation. There isn't anything logical about this tragedy. I know that this person must have had big problems and attempted to solve them in all the wrong ways. This person does not represent humanity on the whole. What they did is not what most of us would do even if we had the very same problems.

I was set to go see Grindhouse this afternoon, but simply couldn't bring myself to sit through three hours of imaginary, violent mayhem. Instead I'll sit at home and know that somewhere, two people who otherwise wouldn't have much to say to each other, have been brought together over this incident and are helping ease one another's pain.